Aal is well

Aal is well

Over 100 crores in 4 days!

Over 200 crores already!

Poised to become the highest grossing Bollywood movie of all time!

Clearly, the makers of the movie are singing, “aal is well”. Over and over again! The movie, 3 Idiots, is winning over everyone and the audiences are lapping it up as if it was a gift from Santa. And with the great reviews and an amazingly positive word of mouth publicity spreading like wildfire, the movie is only poised for greater glory.

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The content was indeed neat, but honestly, in today’s world, is it enough? If it was, we would have had movies like Bolo Raam (heard of it?) doing pretty well, if not blockbustering its way through. But what 3 Idiots had going for it is the brilliant marketing minds behind it. With the promotional tours, the ‘catch me if you can’ Aamir Khan gimmick and the immense PR it generated, it was only one way the movie was going to end up.

And then of course, there was the well-covered controversy about script credits. The media had several field days covering the war of words. It all augured well for the movie, with 3 Idiots doing extremely well in its 3rd week as well. Just shows that being in the news is never a bad thing, whatever are the reasons.

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