Digital Marketing Is The Next Revolution For Brands

Digital Marketing Is The Next Revolution For Brands

Manchester United is one of the richest clubs in world football. With a fanbase of millions of fans around the world, their merchandising and image rights revenue touches half a million annually. This club recently launched their YouTube channel, after joining Twitter a few years ago. It says a lot that one of the most prestigious clubs in world football has looked to digital media platforms for their brand expansion and revenues. While this might be brushed aside as sporting example, the trend is prevalent across industries and different tiers of business.

Branding or brand building is a conscious exercise that requires a coherent message that is communicated for a considerable duration. Television and print media, require considerable amount of investments and do not have direct parameters of measuring impact, while BTL activities require a lot of effort and the time they occupy in customer minds is short lived. Digital marketing is the bridge in this data driven world, that gives most companies direct and regular access to the customer, via multiple touch points. The advantage of digital marketing is how major channels do not operate as silos but can be integrated to give a complete 360’ degree view, with defined metrics to measure the impact or success of the platform. A great example would be the platform of Tripoto. It was launched in early 2014, with the idea of getting travellers around the globe to share their stories and harnessing the traveller community. With targeted digital push that often gave consumers unique content from crowd sourced stories, the company experienced regular traffic on its webpage and is currently one of the best travel apps on both android and iOS stores. The impact is direct and much more relevant, since the user is driving this campaign, based on his choices, compared to other ATL campaigns, which are tailored to be more generic.

Further, consumers these days like to feel more connected to brands they chose or services they use. Getting access to fresh content via a mailing chain or Facebook updates keeps the user engaged and allows you to build brand loyalty. Fitness and sports brands such as Nike and Adidas regularly churn out motivational videos promoting fit lifestyle, exercise routines or sporting techniques which allows their user base to see them as more than just a fitness brand. Zomato launching Zomato Gold for its users and Makemytrip launching MMT Black as exclusive programs have allowed these brands to reduce relapsed users for their products. Both programs heavily focus on digital marketing to target the right customers. Even educational institutes such as London Business School or Indian School of Business leverage digital marketing to target students in particular age groups by sharing success stories via multiple platforms and creating content via expertise magazines and case studies to engage potential students and attract them.

There is an old English prover which goes, “Out of sight, out of mind.” Digital marketing is the revolution which will allow brands to remain in the minds of consumers in an efficient and creative manner.

The SMS campaign did leave an impact and the experts say it did help the candidates to garner votes. This is the power of communication!

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