Enough! Kab tak chipke rahoge?

Enough! Kab tak chipke rahoge?

Really, it’s enough. It’s been over a decade now. For how long will we be bombarded with the now stretched-and-abused Fevicol ad campaign? Before I’m hunt and shot down for blasphemy, let me add that the Fevicol ad campaign is a masterpiece! It’s what Sholay is to Bollywood and Citizen Kane is to Hollywood. Nothing short. A benchmark. Easily one of the most creative worldwide and perhaps, the best ad campaign to come out of the shores of India. Period.

But it’s high time the campaign takes a new direction. It’s getting painful by the day. The campaign is struggling even to limp, surviving purely on the solid support of its legacy. The campaign hit a new low with the alien ad. Come on guys, give us a break.

There were certain elements that made the Fevicol ads so lovable and epical. What worked the charm? The surprise element. The first time we saw the truck ad, I bet no one could guess what the product was. “Ah! What an ad! Simply brilliant!” We exclaimed in unison. The repeat viewings were just in awe and admiration. Then of course, the performances. The fishing ad. The egg ad. The carpenter ad. Great entertainment.

Cut to the present: A guy wanting to commit suicide but can’t because his roof falls off? A baby who can’t sit still and the irritated mother makes him sit on a can of Fevicol? And of course, the ‘cream-de-la-cream’ ad – aliens trying to capture Earth, but one smart Alec pulls the humans and creatures back by pouring Fevicol in the well? Aaargh!! Maybe there’s a deeper meaning to the ads. Maybe there’s still some hidden brilliance that’s beyond me. But I speak as a layman. As a target audience. Who has adored the ad and hence the brand. In fact, a hidden sense of brilliance (if any) in the current crop of ads, beats my logic. The beauty of the previous ads lay in their simplicity. In their silence. The current ads are shouting too much. And so are the viewers. “Give us something new! Challenge our senses once again!”

We had Sholay. And then we had Ram Gopal Verma Ki Aag.

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