Ganna de, Anna

As I was scanning the pages of a daily, I came across an interesting article. It spoke about a sugarcane juice vendor and the amazing marketing tactics he was deploying to attract customers. And what tactics they were! Surprisingly simple and assuredly effective. Sample these: 1) Participate in sugarcane juice drinking competition and win a TV set. 2) Unlimited sugarcane juice for Rs. 35. 3) One glass free on every five glasses. 4) Unlimited sugarcane juice on monthly coupons of Rs. 240.


My curiosity got the better of me, and I had to pay a visit to the place. The place was quite abuzz with action and customers. The scheme was surely working, and it left me thinking for a while. The sugarcane vendor’s got a genuinely good sales scheme – meaningful to customers. It entices and drives serious up-sell. It makes people pull others along (to get the sixth free glass of juice). His approach is decidedly clear – bereft of confusing or ‘intellectual’ creativity. The creative put up is also very specific: the offer is highlighted upfront, followed with key details all the way up to the point of the ‘conditions apply’.

Honestly, this is how simple and inexpensive marketing can be. Stick to the basics. The first principles work.

The ganna-wala anna surely deserves a humble salute.

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