Has ronald mcdonald got a job-switch?

Has ronald mcdonald got a job-switch?

When hop scotching through a busy market area, I noticed a colorful character standing across the street, right in front of a McDonald’s joint. It was surrounded by a mob of kids (in India, McDonald’s is positioned as a joint for family, especially kids). As I crossed the street to get a better picture of what was happening, I realized that it was some guy dressed up as Ronald McDonald. Or was it?!

Well, it certainly was Ronald McDonald, but he wasn’t promoting McDonald’s. A hotel had employed a chap and had him dressed up as Ronald McDonald to promote their kid New Year’s Eve party. And the little kids were sure flocking to ‘Ronald McDonald’! With the least amount of resources, they effectively promoted their event, capitalizing on some McDonald’s popularity! Guerilla marketing at its best! Well, almost.

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