How Digital Marketing Is Important To Grow Your Businesses In 2018

How Digital Marketing Is Important To Grow Your Businesses In 2018


It was roughly estimated that by the end of 2017, there would be approximately 300 million smartphone users in India. And going by the numbers released by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, there are roughly 500 million mobile subscribers in rural India, out of which roughly 109 million users own smartphones. This is almost 1/3rd of the entire smartphone user base in India. While these might seem significant and promising statistics for the smartphone industry in India, they should be of higher significance for marketing agencies in the country. With a conscious push towards a Digital India, better penetration of accessible internet in remote areas and affordable costs, courtesy Jio, digital marketing needs to be a primary focus for growing businesses in 2018.

There are multiple factors which should increase the importance of digital marketing channels. One of the major advantages of digital marketing is the return on investment factor. A simple boost campaign on Facebook starts as low as 50 bucks. This too can be customised based on demographics, like target group age, geography, gender, etc. Further, these can be easily tracked via multiple metrics such as reach, impressions, calls to action among other things. Compare this to getting a print ad in the newspaper. It will be costlier and will have generic targeting. A lot of the intended customers might not even see it, and there are no defined parameters to see the success of this campaign. The importance of digital marketing can be further highlighted by the fact that most political parties too now have a social media cell, apart from presence on most social media portals. With the ease of integration of technology, wherein you can link multiple social media accounts to a single site or page to direct traffic towards it, digital marketing becomes a dominant tool, especially for small and medium scale enterprises. Good examples for these would be the men’s shaving brand Ustraa, which primarily uses Instagram to target urban customers. Digital marketing allows companies to locate niches in the market, target them and successfully generate revenue from them. Industries like edu-tech, fin-tech, food and beverage and fashion industry can leverage digital media for regular touchpoints with the customer and keep them engaged.

Active presence on social media gives customers the impression of a brand doing well as online presence has become more like a certificate of authenticity. Further, the constant movement of people across major towns and cities created the need for lots of services that need to be mobile and scalable, i.e. services based on the internet. Thus, it becomes really important for brands to tap into these customers via digital marketing platforms. The feature of live streaming, across multiple platforms can be leveraged for interactive discussions with consumers. Starting online trends or movements using innovative hashtags allows consumers to be involved in the process of marketing itself. Digital marketing has opened up a whole new world of potential for businesses and the successful ones have already adapted themselves and are reaping its rewards.

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