Safe drinking water wherever you go

Safe drinking water wherever you go

Aquaguard is an established market leader in the water purification systems in India. However, its crown has come under threat by entry of new players in the market. But trust a true leader to come up with a stunning marketing strategy at such times.


Aquaguard has tied up with the Indian Railways to set up stalls at major stations where safe and purified water, directly from the Aquaguard water purifier system, will be sold. The strength of this unprecedented, pioneering marketing initiative lies in the fact that while bottled water is sold at Rs. 7 (500 ml), Aquaguard will sell their water at just Rs. 2.

With this, Aquaguard has targeted the vast middle class population that uses the Mumbai local trains. Not only will the brand Aquaguard get great visibility and hence enhanced brand recall but the initiative will also help Aquaguard further strengthen its promise of ‘pure, safe water’.

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