The Power of 7

The Power of 7

A lot of ‘not so nice things’ had been said about Microsoft ever since they launched Windows Vista! Not only was the operating system very slow, but it also had a lot of bugs. And even after Microsoft fixed a lot of its issues via patches, critics continued to lampoon it.

What went un-noticed was the fact that Microsoft did not say much in public. They instead went back to the drawing board and rebuilt the operating system to iron out all its flaws and lined up the new Operating System, Windows Seven, within 3 years of the release of Vista.

What really impresses is the confidence Microsoft has in its new operating system, Windows Seven. So much so that they are offering current Windows Vista powered PC buyers a free upgrade to Windows Seven when it releases!

Quite predictably, the sales of PCs have shot up again! Now whether Windows Seven lives up to the hype is what remains to be seen. But meanwhile, we can admire the smart strategy applied by Microsoft to boost sales of its PCs even before the release of Windows Seven.

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