The rational mind!

The rational mind!

It’s not right to overhear conversations. However, in public places, there’s little you can do. A girl and her friend, in the seat next to mine, were having a rather interesting conversation. The girl seemed pretty upset with her inability to find the Mr. Right for herself.

“It’s been six years since college and no luck as yet. I don’t think god has made anyone for me.” Her friend tried consoling her with the clichéd PMA (Positive Mental Attitude, sic) blah blah. Naturally, it didn’t help cheer the girl. Then quickly changing tact, he said, “Hey, I think God really loves you and doesn’t want to share you with anyone!”

Now, that did the magic turning the whole thing around. The girl was smiling wide on hearing that. And so was I.

As they say, the medium is as important as the message. ‘Packaging’ your communication is vital. Being boring is passé. You and I know what the reality is, and so does the girl. But the emotional mind just wants to hear things it does.

Strangely enough, most consumer decisions are dictated by the emotional mind, and then rationalized by the intellect. Isn’t the Whopper® from Burger King, with more than 600 calories, proof enough!

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