Vote 4 me

Vote 4 me

It’s pre-election time. A candidate is addressing a crowd of about 10,000. “Please give me your precious vote. I promise to bring electricity to every household, water 24/7 and education for every child…” While the typical speech is going on, you have some people in the crowd catching some quick sleep, while some are discussing the latest movie and so on. The point is that it’s really difficult to address each voter individually. However, recently a political party in India tried a different tactic.

The mobile phone has become a household item in India. Even in the remotest rural parts. A particular political party decided to capitalize on the popularity of the mobile phone and launched a mass SMS campaign. Voters would receive SMSes, with the candidate’s name flashing on their mobile phones, urging people to vote for him. It immediately caught people’s fancy and made them feel important. Political leaders here share the same celebrity status like some of the Hollywood stars do in the West. Imagine receiving an SMS from Jennifer Aniston! Won’t you feel like a celebrity yourself? Political leaders banked on this sentiment.

The SMS campaign did leave an impact and the experts say it did help the candidates to garner votes. This is the power of communication!

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