‘Watch’ out!

‘Watch’ out!

Many Mumbai citizens have added a skill-set to their profiles, especially during the rainy season – swimming! The rain Gods have been overwhelmingly generous on Mumbai city for the past three – four years. And trust the wily marketers to capitalize on such a situation as well.


On my way to work on one of the pre-monsoon days, I came across a truly innovative marketing idea. From the least expected quarters. Watches are one of the biggest sufferers during the monsoons. And the promises of water-proof watches have fallen flat with the consumers. But what if you have someone who backs the promise with live proof? What if you have someone who’s selling watches that are immersed in a bucket filled with water… with the watches running perfectly fine? What a way to walk the talk! Without having to shout your lungs out. Genius.

Move aside marketing managers and marketing gurus. A roadside hawker proves that simple logic is all that’s required to do marketing wonders.

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