What an Idea, Sirji!

What an Idea, Sirji!

For long brand managers have come up with creative ideas on how to sell their products. Their marketing strategy has always been about the product benefits and product features. But it is really refreshing to see the way Idea has decided to market its telecom service. It has decided to take up social issues and spread awareness about them and also focus on how communication is making the world a better place. And the Idea sure has worked! Idea has quickly become of the big players in the cellular market.

A case in point can be the latest campaign they undertook on 26th November, 2009. On the anniversary of 26/11 terrorist attacks on Mumbai, they announced that all profits made from calls made between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. would be used to buy bullet-proof jackets for the Mumbai Police personnel. The lack of these jackets was responsible for most of the lives lost of police officers on that fateful day the previous year.

We can’t say exactly how much money was raised for the same, but the campaign does give us a good feeling about the brand and makes us want to be associated with the brand.

Seriously, what an idea, Sirji!

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