What’s in a name!

What’s in a name!

Picture this. The client is awaiting a certain mail from us. We, as usual, are on-the-dot and send him the mail well within the deadline. After a while, a frantic call greets us, “Hey, have you sent the email?” Puzzled, I check my sent mails. It shows that the mail was sent a couple of hours back. More puzzled, the client checks his inbox. Nothing. We mail him again. And again, nothing in his inbox.


We check with our respective IT guys. “No problem,” says ours. The client tells his, “Hey, I’m not receiving any mails from Eggfirst. Could you please check?” And then a strange thing happens. Quite unexpectedly, the IT guy quips, “Our servers are all non-vegetarians and we believe the chicken came first!” And they burst out laughing. A Gem. Pure gem. Especially coming from somebody with a technology background!

“What’s in a name?” Shakespeare had once proclaimed. A lot, we say. The way our brand name – Eggfirst – connects with audiences across. Through and through. It communicates independently. Creates perceptions. And establishes a connect with people – one of golden rules of advertising. And equally importantly, at the core of it, the name conveys what we believe in: conviction pays. Don’t sit on the fence. Take a stance. Take a decision. Move on. Make things happen. Just do it! Fun isn’t it?

P.S.: I am sure the mail will reach them. I know it is Eggfirst.

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