This is surely a winner! India’s leading insurance service provider, LIC (Life Insurance Corporation) has come up with a striking outdoor marketing campaign that communicates the message simply yet effectively, using the local trains of Mumbai as their medium.

The local trains of Mumbai are known for the huge amount of crowds they commute everyday. No less than a million people use the local trains daily; way beyond the capacity of the trains. As a result, you have people hanging by the doors precariously. The numbers of casualties reported every year by the railway authorities is unmentionable!

LIC saw an opportunity and seized it. Their logo consists of two hands (forming a ‘hand cup’) protecting a flame. Now, what LIC did was placed each ‘hand’ (the logo element) on either side of the doors of the local trains. So when someone sees it, it looks like the two hands of LIC are protecting the people hanging from the doors. Isn’t that what insurance is all about? The message conveyed. Bravo, LIC!

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