You are being watched

You are being watched

“Shoplifters beware! The store is under electronic surveillance!” or “You are being watched all the time while you’re in this store.” The age old posters always make me feel uncomfortable (even though I have no intentions of mugging). It is kind of offending too. But to be fair to the companies, it becomes difficult to balance the subtleness as well as the effectiveness when putting such a message across. But ‘Croma’, an electronic retail shop in India, has done it in a warm, friendly manner.

I recently visited Croma to buy an electrical appliance. In there, I was pleasantly surprised to read a poster that said, “Keep smiling, you’re on camera!” It immediately brought a smile on my face. The warmness with which they conveyed a blunt message is really commendable. I started pondering and recalled their brand slogan, which says, “We don’t sell. We help you buy.” Their slogan reflects how they put customer service before everything else. And the message, “Keep smiling, you’re on camera!” is so perfectly in line with their brand slogan! Three cheers for Croma.

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