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Creative Strategy And Execution

Breaking the clutter calls for sailing the high seas of the unknown. And this journey, though a bit turbulent, is necessary. For there is no other way to the shores of uniqueness.

And we at Eggfirst are expert sailors. Using creativity, we help your brand navigate its way to uniqueness.

Zeroing in on the available White Spaces in the communication domain, leads directly into precise and clutter breaking messaging and appropriate brand positioning. This constitutes one half of our methodology to formulate the brand key; the other half being the creative platform.

Brand Building and Corporate Identity: Devising a name, tagline, visual, icon or language that's distinct to the brand in a meaningful way, helps break clutter and connect with our target audience.

Campaign: Holistic integration of brand messaging across media.

Print: Strategic and creative utilisation of print media: newspapers, magazines, etc. through advertisements and innovations.More>>

AV/ Multimedia: TVCs as well as audio-visual representation (linear or non-linear) for corporate presentations, product presentations, launch presentations, demo presentations, etc. More>>

Radio: Innovative, meaningful and effective radio jingles to communicate your message. More>>

Outdoor: Traditional outdoor collateral like hoardings, banners and bus-panels as well as BTL collateral such as wall paintings and shop-signages. More>>

Events, Exhibitions and Promotions: Event, Exhibition and Promotion specific campaigns that include theme ideation, pre-invitation mailers, stall backdrop design, event collateral design, AV presentation, post-event mailers and gift ideas. More>>

Internal Communication: Campaign ideation and execution for internally spreading specific messages like Customer Sensitivity, Employee/ Customer Feedback, Training/ Induction, CSR, IT Awareness, Voice of Employee, Employee Motivation etc.

Sales and Marketing Collaterals: Newsletters, brochures, presentations, white papers, case studies, data sheets, POP collateral, posters, etc. More>>

Web: Interactive website using various technology platforms, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to drive traffic, online campaigns (banners, emailers, newsletters etc.) including pay-per-lead email campaigns. More>>

Direct Marketing: Communicating on a one-on-one basis with your target audience through direct mailers, SMS campaign, telemarketing and other traditional as well as innovative direct marketing tools.

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Please fill all the details properly!