Digital Trends 2019

Digital communication has ushered in an age where a brand can do more than just listen to the sentiment of their target audience, they can respond and act on it in real time. Take the logo change Star Bucks went through in 2011, where they dropped the word Star Bucks and brought the siren out of the circle. The brand at its time failed to understand that it was a status thing for a person to be seen walking around holding some Star Bucks coffee and so when Star Bucks was dropped from the logo, there was naturally a backlash worldwide across Star Bucks social media platform and Star Bucks reverted to its old logo in a weeks’ time. Recently this month, Mastercard too wanted to drop its name from the logo but it acted wisely by sending out a feeler through the news, saying it was going to drop its name from the logo because that is how strong the Mastercard brand is and so far this move has all gone well for Mastercard.


If you were to look at the looming digital trend in the industry, you would notice that there is a lot of business in developing microsites. Almost every initiative a multi-national conglomerate undertakes requires their target audience to visit a landing page, upon which the visitor is allowed integration with his social media profile to identify himself and participate in the initiative. The creating of microsites, managing and populating of them seems to have great scope of business. Another interesting marketing tool is AI. Imagine walking into a store because you seen something you liked, you admire the product for a while but sum up all your will power and walk out of the shop. Now, the advantage AI offers e-commerce portals is that it picks up what the person has been viewing and advertises the same product on every other page the viewer visits. Not just that, it uses information from our profiles like sex, age and marital status to segregate people under a given audience with interests depending on the websites you visit. This information is then used to market items that are relevant to its audience.


When it comes to employee engagement or consumer engagement/support, what many brands are resorting to today is chatbots. With 1.4 billion people already being assisted by chatbots, it is estimated that by 2020 80% of online savvy businesses will have chatbots integrated into the customer engagement programs. The most popular/advanced chatbots today are Alexa from Amazon, Ok Google & Siri from Apple, these are chatbots integrated with AI, which allow brands to serve many of their customers simultaneously, effectively and even helps people make purchasing decisions when it comes to online shopping. Video marketing on the other hand has stolen the thunder from TVCs, a study reveals that 52% of consumer are more confident of making an online purchase after they have seen a product video. Another interesting tool with video marketing that is been explored on all fronts is VR, AR, 3D hologram and 360⁰ videos. This allow your audience a more immersive experience. Like the Samsung VR gear, which actually has a host of videos you can download from a dedicated microsite ( featuring a rage of documentaries, movies, music videos and sports.


Finally, it has been observed that the digital trend in communication is driven equally by creativity and technology because technology allows for how far our creativity can go while creativity acquaints people with the technology and allows for greater exploration, research and development. So, the digital trends of tomorrow in the realm of communication depends on much we have explored all the marketing tools available to us today.

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