Doing the new: Docomo

DocomoEvery time a new player enters the cellular market, there is invariably a whole lot of activity. We saw it when some years back Airtel was launched. And now we are re-witnessing it with TATA Docomo.

The entry of Docomo into the Indian cellular market caused a flurry like never before. With everyone slashing rates like there was no tomorrow, with per second pulse calling becoming a benchmark. What’s more, it has the big 3 scrambling to catch up! The product “per-second-billing” was blessing for the Indian consumer as most calls in India are of very small durations. And as expected, it caught the fancy of all Indians.

Docomo has re-emphasized the importance of product feature. It just shows that when you have a great product feature, marketing becomes so simple. And so powerful. The simple Docomo marketing was so effective that the stock prices of the other telecom companies crashed over 40%!!

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