Print Ads

Print Ads

A large portion of the work in any mainline Ad Agency is Print Ads, these Ads comprise of both ATL and BTL forms of communication, where ATL is designed to reach a wider audience through channels like newspaper, magazines and directory adverts while an Advertising Agency also focuses on brochures and flyer which are a more personalized form of communication and therefore come under the BTL range of communication. ATL is usually where all the Ad Agency glory is and there’s nothing like getting a piece of that action, but it does not really outclass BTL because these serve two very different purposes in their entirety. Print Ads thereby allow for communication that reaches across to the masses while it also has the scope to get personal where it uses a rather conversational tone.

Ad agencies in Mumbai particularly have a typical style of doing print ads, like if you were to go through some of the print ads we have done for brands like Jashn and Ahuja Real Estate, you would notice not just the most appealing of colours being used but also the catchiest of lines, which further the brilliance of those print Ads. Besides the usual Press Ads you see in newspapers there are also press releases and advitorials, where the former does the job of communicating important news and like details about the Annual General-body Meeting while the latter shares product information more extensively than a normal Ad would do.  

At Eggfirst we have covered everything from interior décor to real estate to automobiles to apparel, agricultural products, shopping malls, pest control and fitness. Typical of being a prominent Ad Agency in Mumbai we are, our print ads have been so effective that the work we did for Oberio Mall during their launch remains etched in the minds of their target audience till today. When it comes to brochures and flyers, we push the envelope even further. 

For instance, if you looked at the Annual Report we did for Citi Global Services Limited, we created a sleeve for the Annual Report with just a window showing a sailing ship in its brand colour and as you pulled the report out of the sleeve, the ship appeared to be sailing through the seas, giving their Investors the feeling that the company had sailed through that financial year with amazing success.
Even when it comes to brochures, people love a makeover, and that’s where we at Eggfirst come in because as a leading Ad Agency in Mumbai we understand the need to present your business as something that is second to none.

To conclude, Print Ads do not function all by themselves in the communication business, so if you want your Print Ad to be effective, you need an agency who is willing to invest itself into carrying out some customer study concerning the kind of print media your audience consumes and which area must we target, at what time. Nobody makes communication look good as Advertising does and we have mastered this to the T, which is what makes us a distinguished Ad agency in Mumbai. Print Ads are like the evergreen classics, there may be few takers as the days go by, but it’s a kind of communication that will never go out of style.

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