Radio Advertising

If you think,”Who listens to radio these days?,” then you are missing out on a major portion of your target audience. Thanks to mobile technology, 76% of people listen to the FM on their phones. With Radio there is no second page. If you are in the spot, you are there in the front.

Radio Spot

Your brand on the most listened radio channel – good! What if we told you we get the best spot (the right one for your brand) – even better, right? Since radio is an active medium in an active society, it’s targeted advertising sells.

Radio Jingle

“Hey, I know that tune!”

Is this what you want your customers to say when they hear your brand’s jingle? If yes, then think no more. We know how to play with tunes, words and your jingles – they could become viral overnight. After all, radio is everywhere and it sells with intimacy.

Guglielmo Marconi would have never thought that his invention would change the face (well in this case, just the ears) of advertising. We sure would like to see the look on his face. We are guessing it would be the same surprise that your audience/customers get on theirs. Radio advertising is may sound old fashioned but it sells. The amount of reach and awareness you create for your brand with a radio jingle reflects directly on the company’s lead generation campaign. Since it’s your voice and our words, people are bound to recognize it sooner than you think. That is where we focus on.


Let’s give your brand jingle all the way! ???

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