Brand Architecture

Bored with your old logo?  Thinking of starting from square one? Let’s get to it.

Be it starting your business from scratch or giving it a makeover, our brand architects know how to spin everything from strategy to design.  

Brand launch

We know how hard it is to bring up a child, especially when it’s your brainchild. Your business idea combined with our creative mind, takes your brand launch… to the next level. Trust us, it won’t be just another curtain opening event.

Product launch

….3, 2, 1 and tada – hold it! What just happened? Was that your product launch? Nah!
We don’t just say launch, we say – how do we do it this time? With us, your customers and audience can get to live up to that anticipation and moment of surprise. That’s how we launch your products!


Still bored with your logo? Are you taking a detour? Shifting destinations? No big deal, all you need to tell us is where you are heading, we shall create (well, recreate it!) your journey.

You bring a business onto the table, we make a brand out of it. Our brand architects are our go-to experts when it comes to launching that rocket. Just like we said, the rocket lands on the destination you set. From redesigning your logo to launching a brand new one, we drive awareness from day one so that your target audience and your customers are up to date with your business. The best part is we can make it an early Christmas too.

We don’t just work on the base, we go up to the top – from mainline to digital, we use all mediums to put the word out there. When you launch a product/brand, we make sure people know about it.


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