Sales and Marketing Collateral

Are you searching for that brochure too?

You are not alone! Let us help you find it. Correction – We make it for you. All you need to do is, sign right here. (Is that a brand’s logo on the pen?) Subtle brand recall – done right.


Paper to pen and everything you think of, it can be branded with your name.


Still searching? While others make brochures that get lost, we make brochures that your customers will keep it safe – because they will love it.

Sales/Media Kits

Remember you have an event up coming up? Don’t worry let us help you with your sales kits. Everything you need to approach a new lead to a new customer.


Final 1.Pptx or Final Final 1.pptx which one was it? Stop worrying about what goes on the screen, just worry about that pitch and tone.

Sales Letters

Dear customer,
This is to inform you that….
Why go through all the trouble when we can do it for you.
Sales Letter.

What if we just leave with a verbal introduction. Chances are you may or may not remember us and there is no way to get in touch with us when you want to. It’s where marketing and sales collateral come into the picture. No matter the size of the organization, every business needs some sort of sales or marketing collateral.

So, what comes under these collaterals? Anything and everything that has information or details about the organization. From visiting cards to letterheads to brochures to sales letters. These collaterals make a great impact and often leads to conversions. In short, it is a doorway to getting new clients and business. Fun fact: Over 70% of consumers prefer to receive printed mail announcements over email announcements.
So we keep your collaterals both simple and creative. When your customers get it, they stand out.

Let’s help your collaterals stand out out there!

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