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We are in the middle of an exciting transition in the advertising space, Digital, which until recently accounted for 13% of advertising expenditure, has grown to be the second-largest contributor to media spends with a share of nearly 28% which is 9042 cr in 2020. The digital divide that existed between metro and smaller towns now ceases to exist. The reach of key online categories like video streaming, e-payments and online shopping is similar between large (metro + mini metros) and smaller cities (Tier I + Tier II). While the category reach is similar, the average number of sessions per day is even higher amongst users in the smaller cities within certain categories. Whereas in entertainment and media industry, Digital and OTT platforms have grown 26% more than the previous years, which is ₹218 billion of the overall media revenue in India – reported by FICCI. With OTT rising in the digital world, the total OTT video revenues are estimated to reach ₹106 billion by 2022 with subscription revenues expected to drive growth, especially in 2021.

At Eggfirst, we were amongst the early voracious drivers of digital as a platform and are today nicely placed with the know-how and capabilities to help brands make most of the new-age channels. From Social Media Optimisation (SMO), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM) to Lead Generation and Content Marketing, we offer a delectable full course digital meal. We specialise in precision targeting with the expertise to reach out to even the hinterlands of India.

Our digital suite includes:

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