Celebrity Influencer

Be it movie stars or sports stars, their endorsement goes a long way for your brand. Yes, sometimes the old school method of calling in a celebrity works like a charm. No kidding, it does and we know how to get the best fit for your brand.

Brand Ambassadors

Celebrities become the face and voice of your brand. Your target audience starts to align your brand with the name and face of their favourite celebrity.

Buyer Behaviour

If a celebrity backs a brand/product then you got to try it at least. No, we are not saying it but this is the psychology of your target audience. Since they associate the quality and appeal to the person who is selling it to them.


Yes, end of the day it is business. Celebrity endorsements are an age-old proven growth strategy for businesses. They drive reach, awareness and thus sales too.

Remember the time when Sachin Tendulkar endorsed Reynolds, every school kid wanted to own a Reynolds Gel Pen or be it Amitabh Bachchan for Parker pens which got the attention of upcoming executives all over the country. Poetic as it sounds, the pen is mightier than the sword, especially when it is endorsed by a celebrity. This is where we come in.

Celebrity marketing does not only get your brand a mass awareness, but it also brings an appeal and character boost to your product/service. In this age of social media, a simple announcement from a brand signing a celebrity can cause an immediate 4% hike in stocks and sales.
We believe that we can bring about the same with your brand, not just by signing the celebrity… for you but also taking care of the creative ends of it, Right from producing the scripts to the finished product of it.


Let us help you sign up with the stars right now!

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