Viral Videos

Viral, a recent viral term. Wordplay, that’s one of the important factors to create a viral video. Virality in marketing is like giving your brand an adrenaline boost. It is capable of generating traffic, leads and sales within a very short period of time. We know the how to’s for it, and we have the best production team to help deliver it.

Brand Awareness

Overnight people start ‘Googling’ to know who you are, that’s what viral content gets you

Social Buzz

Yes, it is a thing. “#viral #yourbrand/product/service – trending,“ Well this is good enough to… bring in a strong brand image.

Relevant leads

Viral content is also a means of generating relevant leads and targeting your audience within a short period of time.

We know Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and image content combined and when it becomes a sensation, the numbers go beyond that. Viral videos bring a lot of traction to your brand reach and have the power to change the outlook of your brand overnight. When done right the result is much visible on your website traffic, whereby your sales funnel begins running like a horse. We take great care and attention when it comes to viral content. Be it our scriptwriters or strategists, we know how to turn heads. It’s viral or it’s not. Enough said!

Let’s get you on the trending chart!

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