Lead Generation

For you, business begins at the end of the sales funnel, but we begin at the top. At Eggfirst, we don’t just focus on your lead generation, we make sure you never run out of exclusive leads that are sure to drive your ROI up to the hill.

Content Marketing

For your customer, contentment is when they know what you have to offer and the best way to do it is to say it right. You know your business, but we know how to say it with the right words at the right place.


We don’t just build and execute a PPC campaign, we make sure it is strategically efficient in bringing quality leads, and also aligns with the SMM as well.


Be it Google, Bing or any search engine, when people search for your product or service we make sure they end up with you from the start because being on page two is history.

Email Marketing

Emails work best when it has a human touch to it. That’s just how we do it, even with the best automation tools we use to help your brand reach every right Inbox.

Affiliate Marketing

Why limit yourself to just one site when you can affiliate with multiple ones across the globe, it’s the internet after all.

Native Marketing

What’s Native you might ask, let us worry about that. From around the web to those social feeds, we make sure you get there.

Is that lead still in the pipeline? Racking up your sales funnel with quality leads is still a herculean task for businesses today. Not to mention that customers are also having a hard time finding the right product or service.

This is where we come in.
Your sales team is hungry for leads and our marketing strategists know exactly what to feed them.
We know your customers before they know you or product/service and vice versa, thanks to the in-depth market research data we have at hand.
No, we don’t just stop at knowing who your customers are. We make your brand omnipresent on the web because that’s their hunting ground.
We don’t just generate leads, we help you nurture them, we make sure you convert them into happy customers, and we don’t stop until they become your brand loyalists
You must be wondering how we do all this? Let’s just say, you leave the boring technical stuff to us and enjoy a game of golf.
If you are still curious, here is how we do it for you.
Lead Generation

Confusing?……. Let’s put it down for you. Every solution begins with analysis, so when it comes to marketing it starts with research. Our market researchers rip every data apart and build a profile of your target audience. With the profile in hand, we begin creating content for all the marketing mediums, starting from your social media to the emails. Your lead generation campaign is now set in motion. Wait, it does not stop there. Step two is when we send out the curated content out to drive traffic to your website – your virtual office. Now, leads fall into your sales funnel. Time to nurture them. Once again, we create and curate content that focuses on conversion.

Now you must be wondering where and how does this go out? Once again, we take all the available mediums starting from a phone call, text message to retargeted ads on social media. Here is where is your business engine begins to drive, you end up with a new customer. Now comes that part where you need to retain your customers. And the best way to do it is to be in touch with them at regular intervals and ask for their feedback, line them up into a loyalty program and so on. This is a long process but it brings you a loyalist. Now, loyal customers become influencers who bring more leads and also refer prospects to you. And so, the wheel spins again.

Leads, Incoming! Take charge.

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