We said we build customer experiences and not just another website. Well, we have analytics to thank for that. When we audit your website, we rip it apart, take every piece of data and put it under the microscope of our analyst. So, we know what your customers want and where they go. Wait, did we say we rip it – Yes we did.  So now you know everything that happens on your website.

In-depth Research

Marketing begins with research, and the website is just another way to get data. With Google Analytics, you get to know every digital detail possible about your customer.

Improved User Experience

Ripped data is fed to our researchers and together with our website experts, we optimise your site on a regular basis. Nothing gives us more joy than seeing you have a happy customer even at the cost of a single tweak.


When your website gives your customers the pleasure of fulfillment, they come back again. You know they will since our analytics said so. Bottom line – they perform, better every time and so does your sales.

Analytics gives us everything we need to know. Everything from who they (your customer) are, where they come from, which mobile OS they use to what they like on your website and every footprint they leave on it. No, it does not end with that. We even backtrack them to your social media post and google ads that we used to bring them. Yes, you read that right.

We don’t just use analytics to fancy up your website experience, we use it to optimise everything from social media marketing, search engine marketing, e-mail marketing to your apps and text messages.
When say that your customer loves your website, we have the bounce rate to back us. We know how to bring it down and keep it there.
With our end to end digital engineering, you just have to worry about business and let us worry about the digital marketing end of it. Not to mention all the data crunching and analytics.


Data! Data! Data! Let us handle it right away!

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