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Social Media Optimisation (SMO)

Social Media Marketing or Buzz Marketing allows your company to create conversations in a targeted market segment, facilitating greater brand awareness and thus adding measurable value to your brand. And the big bonus is that during a period of economic crisis, connected marketing is the most cost-effective method of marketing.

We thoroughly study your product or offering, and draw up a 'Buzz Marketing Strategy' based on market pulse, top influencers, top buzz centers and changing market sentiments vis-à-vis your brand.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Increased brand awareness

Generation of relevant traffic to the company website and blog

Cultivation of increasing and quality leads

Identification of prospective customers and market sentiment, which helps develop accurate marketing strategy

Building of vital customer relationship and trust

Higher back links

Achieving long term and sustained traffic

Cost effectiveness

Why Facebook?

Eggfirst goes beyond just giving your brand any number of ‘Likes’ on Facebook. Once we have created a significant and relevant fan base for your brand, we develop social media strategies to engage your brand with its fans and audience in real-time, taking the whole social networking experience offline as well.

Facebook is an effective platform for:

Creating an active and engaging Group

Providing brand updates, offers and news

Tracking new followers and user activities

Monitoring user responses

Writing posts, comments and introducing polls, contests, quizzes etc.

Building digital assets and brand properties like various Apps and Videos etc.

Promptly responding to customer feedback, complaints and compliments

Leveraging social media analytics to drive business strategies and meet business objectives

Why Twitter?

Eggfirst taps into Twitter's interactive platform and immediate feedback mechanism to directly establish conversation with your audiences and thus get them to follow your brand or specific topics on Twitter. As your brand's active voice on Twitter, we engage in real time two-way dialogue with your followers, provide brand updates and news, acknowledge customer feedback, respond to customer complaints and questions, run contests and publish offers etc.

Twitter is an effective platform for:

Spreading the Brand News

Ongoing Market Research

Competitor insight and audience profile

Trend spotting and analysis

Interactive customer service platform

Geo-targeted Messaging

Why LinkedIn?

Eggfirst leverages LinkedIn as a selective, highly-targeted platform to connect your company with appropriate B2B clientele, and professional decision makers and businesses in India and abroad.

We innovate and create engaging Company Pages, Groups and specific Product Pages to generate interest in your company and its products, services and recruitment.

Eggfirst actively leads communication with your audience by setting up forums, industry discussions, and encourages users to post product recommendations and converse with your brand.

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