Top 5 digital trends that will shape 2019

The amount of people using the internet currently is over 3.7 billion people. These netizens roughly generate 2.5 quintillion bytes per day. When such numbers are taken into context, you can realise the immense potential that digital marketing. Let us see the top trends that will shape 2019 for businesses.

  1. Video Logs or video content: Video content is fast becoming a popular source of information and entertainment. From Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, most major platforms have made the feature of live to short videos available. With shorter attention spans of people, from news to trends, people prefer watching videos. Livestream has reported live videos have an annual ad growth rate of 113%. From 10 seconds video advertisements to creative long duration videos, video ads have a wider reach compared to written content. Invodo, a US based company known for high quality video content recently said that 92% of mobile video viewers share the video with others. With Netflix and Amazon Prime promoting binge watching, video ads will definitely be a major digital marketing tool.
  2. Social Media Influencers: Social Media influencers will be pivotal to digital marketing in 2019. These people have over million followers on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, and their blogs and reviews often determine the outcomes of hotels, gadgets, restaurant, fitness products and fashion among others. From Chiarra Ferregini in Fashion to Chris Kelley in travelling, there are companies running algorithms for Fortune top 100 companies to get them the right influencer. Further the fact that a lot of people aspire to be influencers or manage it along with routine work will allow more people to be influencers and dominate the digital marketing realm. Availability of high quality cameras, with fast internet speed allows influencers to keep creating quality content without much hassle.
  3. Data driven marketing: With the amount of data generated and the multiple touchpoints available for brands, data driven content will be a major factor in 2019. Predictive algorithms are already having a huge impact in e-commerce, and now with data sharing among multiple apps, customised content and advertisement will be much more successful over random, unwanted content. Further, with the involvement of artificial intelligence, many brands will segment their consumer base and use data to determine the products offered, their prices, the timing of when to push advertisements and developing chatbots/virtual assistance.
  4. Storytelling: While many of you might consider this as a part of video content, but stories here refer to the brief videos which disappear after a short duration. While Snapchat was behind the original concept, now Facebook, Instagram and even WhatsApp offer the option of stories. With Youtube also joining the fray with introduction of Reels, stories will be an effective digital marketing tool, especially for events and tourism industries.
  5. Online Payments: This might be a little bit surprising, but with a push towards a more digital economy, online wallets are seeing a major growth in number of users. With major banks getting involved to WhatsApp launching the payment feature, this is a great potential area for digital marketing. Most of the wallets offer rewards, cashbacks and vouchers, and this could be a good way for many companies to acquire customers.

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