15 Instagram Statistics In 2024 For Marketers

13th january 2024
15 Instagram Statistics in 2024 for Marketers

Instagram is a fast-growing social media platform with over two billion active monthly users. It is ranked at number three as the most popular social media platform in the world today. In another survey, Instagram is selected as the second most social media platform by people.

Statistics You Need To Know About Instagram In 2024

  1. Instagram has the largest ad market in India.

    Instagram is the largest ad market in India, with an ad reach of over 223 million. This means, Instagram is a treasure of marketing opportunities for brands to reach their target audience.

  2. Average per month Instagram use

    12 hours a month are spent by Instagram users using the app on average. According to the statistics, it can be seen that Instagram users dedicate about 12 hours a month on Instagram. And every year it is increasing by the manner in which this time saw an increase of 2 hours than what was observed last year.

  3. Multi-faceted Use of Instagram

    The majority of Instagram users use the app to upload photos or videos and for fun. 69.9% of Instagram users share photos and videos on the app, while 64 % use it to browse funny and entertaining content. About half of the users frequently use it to get news updates.

  4. 500 Million people are reached via Instagram stories ads.

    Ads placed on Instagram stories can reach a huge number of more than 500 million people. This gives brands and marketers an opportunity to use the platform to push marketing efforts.

  5. The most reshared content that can be found on Instagram DM is reels.

    According to Meta statistics, direct messaging on Instagram is primarily used for sharing reels and thus is considered the most popular format that people share between themselves. This means that involving content in reel format can go viral.

  6. Instagram usage for purchasing things

    Instagram is gaining ground as a shopping platform, with about 43 percent of the users who use this application to shop online.

  7. 1.55 posts on the main feed daily by business accounts

    It is a lesson in consistency because regular posting turns your brand into something that they can easily recognize on a daily basis.

  8. Brand accounts get the most engagement from carousel posts.

    Engagement rate of carousel posts is more than the average engagement rate for a business Instagram account that stands at 0.65% by obtaining

  9. Researching brands or products on Instagram.

    Social media is like having the world at your fingertips. And that is true because a major share of social media users use such sites to gain information about brands and products. 60% of these use Instagram for the purpose.

  10. The users of Social Media closely follow influencers or experts

    20% of users follow influencers and experts, making Instagram one among the most popular playgrounds for them with a wide reach.

  11. 70% Conversations to Conversions on Instagram

    Meta has published a report saying that contacting local customers through Instagram’s direct messaging feature with a 70% rate of conversation is as good as it gets.

  12. ensures to boost sales by 37%.

    On average, businesses that tag products in their Instagram posts see an increase compared to the sales of other types of businesses.

  13. Active Instagram users form significant relationships with brands on the channels.

    As based on Meta reports, Instagram makes it easy to communicate and interact with brands. This is because of the quality-based content and special customer care.

  14. 30% of Instagram users in the Asia-Pacific region

    But with the year 2025, this figure will increase to about forty percent. Most of these users are big in India.

  15. Instagram has a young audience base

    Most of the instagram users are below 45 years of age, making Instagram a social media platform with the youngest app in its user base.

    1. Conclusion:

      Instagram is a rapidly growing social media platform with over two billion active monthly users, ranking third globally and second in popularity among people. With an ad market of over 223 million, Instagram offers numerous marketing opportunities for brands. Users spend an average of 12 hours a month on the app, with an increase of 2 hours per year. Instagram is primarily used for uploading photos and videos, browsing funny and entertaining content, and receiving news updates. Instagram stories ads reach over 500 million people, providing brands with an opportunity to push marketing efforts. Reels are the most reshared content on Instagram, making them viral. Instagram is also becoming a popular shopping platform, with 43% of users using it to shop online. Regular posting on the main feed helps businesses stand out, with carousel posts gaining the most engagement. 60% of Instagram users follow influencers or experts, making it a popular platform for brand research. With a 70% conversation rate to conversions, Instagram helps businesses boost sales by 37%. The platform's young audience, mostly below 45 years old, makes it a valuable tool for brands.