Two men is holding bags of seeds, while an Indian cricketer motivates a farmer to farm

Brand Position & Campaigns

Brand Position & Campaigns

Saath aisa jaadu jaisa, Pehla vaar karo dumdaar, Fino matlab Fikar Not, Aavas hai to aasan hai, Pyaade anek vazeer sirf ek, Dekhte reh jaaoge and many more. These campaigns have crafted brands that run into a few hundreds of crores and sometimes even more.

Well, all of it starts with the consumer. Respecting her, loving her, connecting with her.

The life of a person living in a metro or even one of the about 8,000 towns in India is very different from the one living in the metros. Her dreams, his aspirations, her challenges, his choices are very unique. Not only that, rural India itself cannot be considered to be one large cohort. It comprises of innumerous smaller subsets each with their own unique personality.

Given our years of expertise and experience driving brands that connect with rural consumers, we craft campaigns that deploy the precise message, tonality and vehicle. This ‘connect’ results into the success that brands desire.