Siemens Raja Plus Starter BTL Activity


The main objective was to increase brand awareness and promote RAJA + Starter in a strongly competitive market in Solapur & Kolhapur. The new concept ‘Raja Ki Sawaari’ featured a giant king 3D starter installed on the canter incorporated in a region along with the event, vendors through technical demonstrations, traditional clothing in Maharashtrian Pheta and Kurtas and personal photo to make it memorable.


  1. It would be better and more convenient for us if we had the proper route plan
  2. We would like to have more representatives and manpower at the activation venue, which will help expedite the enquiry we receive on the ground in real-time.
  3. Rather than focussing on the APMC market, we need to focus on the local market areas during peak hours as there are more people available there.


  1. Optimized Activation Route: Utilized a carefully planned route for the 'Raja Ki Sawaari' activity, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement in target regions.
  2. Increased Siemens Presence: Strengthened on-floor aid by deploying greater Siemens representatives to handle inquiries promptly, attending instantaneous connections and fostering relationships.
  3. Targeted Local Market Engagement: Shifted the focus to local market regions in the course of top hours to faucet into a better awareness of potential customers, increasing the marketing campaign's reach and impact.


The ‘Raja Ki Sawari’ campaign generated buzz and caught the attention and interest of various audiences in Solapur and Kolhapur markets. The new approach proved attractive not only to vendors but also to farmers and passers-by, as well as opening up opportunities for cooperation in various ways, which proved more attainable than the immediate goals of the campaign and drew a number of important questions.

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