Case Study of Simpolo


Simpolo, a popular tiles and bathware brand in India underwent a remarkable digital transformation. Eggfirst took control of Simpolo’s online efforts, and shifted from social media to performance campaigns/ SEO smoothly. We developed the brand positioning campaign with the tagline ‘Dekhte reh jaoge’ and used a new approach to address consumers as well as the architect and interior designer community. During the campaign we faced some challenges such as low performance of competitor keywords and difficulty in achieving desired traction or engagement with campaigns focused on competitor keywords.


  1. Low performance changed into discovered in campaigns focusing on competitor keywords, main to trouble in reaching engagement.
  2. Overemphasis on brand and universal keywords resulting in ability saturation and constrained reach to new audiences.
  3. Including a excessive hobby charge of over 30% inside the lead technology campaign, converting leads into real sales stays tough.
  4. Successful Facebook remarketing, but the Cost Per Lead (CPL) stays higher than expected.


  1. Initial campaign-making plans primarily based on 3 varieties of keywords: Brand Keywords, Generic Keywords, and Competitor Keywords.
  2. Monitoring for the initial 14 days found out better performance of logo and time-honored keywords as compared to competitor keywords.
  3. Lead technology marketing campaign showcased an interest fee above 30%. Facebook remarketing showed promising consequences with a lower CPL.


It is worth noting that our interventions left the response rate of our target audience at an incredible 100% above its baseline with the same period of reporting showing tremendous boosts in the liking of our brand over the past six months. These tailor-made strategies not only increased Simpolo’s online presence but also created an established niche for themselves in this industry among the target audience and they stood out from the rest of the players in this industry.

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