Content Strategy Is Leading The Digital Transformation In India

31 July 2022

Content strategy is the practice of planning, creating, managing and delivering content. Its goal is to create meaningful communication that’s consistent, engaging, and sustainable so as to draw in the desired target audience. With marketeers turning more focused about getting the right message to the right consumer at the right time, brands too are incorporating these touchpoints in their social media plan to enhance their user experience. Identifying the uncommon value a brand exudes and communicating the same with its target audience is therefore an essential ingredient in digital marketing.

Importance Of Content Strategy

Content strategy helps brands answer a couple of questions that exist in the minds of their audience. Questions such as… What the brand is about? What it has to offer its audience? What makes it better than the competition? The answers are then all creatively assimilated to help brands improve their marketing results while also identifying which cyber channels are most profitable for a given brand. This allows for more clarity in the published content and makes it easier for a brand to get the attention of the target audience. Broadly, it also helps a brand improve their presence on social media via a consistent and sustainable communication approach. This helps brands craft their communication in a well-structured manner which in turn improves customer experience. Generating content without any strategy on the table leads to disparity with no core themes or purpose. This instead confuses the audience and can also negatively impact a brand’s credibility. People come online mostly to socialize, and this is why social media is so popular. So, it is apt for a brand to require the audience to interact via commenting or sharing the post on social media. Generic posts have less engagement and are often ignored by consumers. According to the National Centre of Biotechnology Information, the average attention span of a person on the internet has dropped from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2015. Hence it is very important to generate quality creative communication. Original ideas encourage better engagement which in turn draws more traffic to the website and more footfall to the store. All this happens when quality content is consumed, liked and shared by a brand’s target audience.

Digital Content Strategy

In the field of creative communication, content strategy is at the heart of cyber transformation. For a brand to perform, its social media account needs to be well thought through while it must also use digital marketing tools to map its audience’s interests across various platforms. For instance, in B2B communication, digital marketing is rigorous because any communication without good solid plan does not perform well. Strategy also helps position a brand by aligning it with the needs of its audience through continuously evolving engagement, which nourishes a healthy relationship between the brand and its audience. Developing such engaging communication draws in the target audience by creating cyber properties like hashtags and campaigns which can be used for long-term brand building. Consumers today evaluate brands by way of experience, and they then make their purchase decision after comparing the way a particular brand feels to others across cyberspace. It so happens that the way brands approach content, makes or breaks their success in the transforming digital market.

The Future Of Content Strategy In The Indian Market

According to the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IMAI), India ranks second in the world after China in terms of number of internet users. This creates a good potential market owing to the growing number of internet users. Additionally, the Government of India has launched the ‘Digital India’ campaign with a vision to transform India into a cyber empowered society. It is often said “Being digital is being Global” and so it is that social media allows brands to reach a wider audience across the world. Content creation has gone through immense change in the past few years. Some of these changes can be attributed to the rapidly evolving search-engine landscape, coupled with the way people are consuming content. Hence Digital Communication is the most powerful marketing tool in today’s technology-driven era.

The Accomplishment Of Content Strategy

Content strategy connects communication with business goals and consumer needs. Its social media plan thereby comprises of a set of four distinct but interlinked processes viz. User Experience, Editorial Plan, Content Creation, and Content Workflow. When you connect the dots, you see it’s all about digital marketing helping brands reach their audience efficiently while also building their credibility in the market.

At Eggfirst, we understand how the landscape of marketing and communication has changed so drastically with the onset of the Cyber Age. What is leading this Digital transformation is content strategy, because today this serves as the means to craft creative communication for any given brand. Content strategy therefore works well in giving a brand direction not just in the market but also in the minds of their audience.