How Social Media is Changing Indian Election Trends in 2024

30 Apr 2022

More than gauging Social media trends that is slowly shaping the political landscape in India, we must focus on the effect of social media on Indian politics. Since its advent, politicians have been made answerable all the more to their people. Today, if an individual doesn’t like a certain statement made by a politician in public. People can directly hold politicians accountable by sending these political representatives a tweet, marking a couple of newspaper handles in the tweet to bring their point of view in the public eye. Also, if you want your message to throw more weight, you can simply create a hashtag so people could group their tweets on the same subject.

The Effect of Social Media On Political Campaigning in 2024

Social media marketing is such a powerful tool that political parties use it to even run their election campaigns in India. Sometimes politicians forget they are elected to serve the people and when their pride gets the better of them, they often make atrocious statements, which even newspapers in their right mind won’t publish, social media in this manner serves as an excellent tool to allow politicians to let fly whatever is on the top of their mind, which in turn allows citizens to discern the true credibility of those whom they have elected. To this effect political parties use social media to:

  1. Directly Communicate with followers and party workers
  2. Promote Party Ideology on a large platform
  3. Promote Party events to pull in a bigger crowd
  4. Live Stream elections campaign
  5. Influence People through Social Media
  6. Share News & Updates about leaders and parties
  7. Generate party funds for their campaigning

Social Media Marketing For Politics in 2024

EMarketeer estimates that Indians spend about 4 hours on social media each day, which is more than any other medium. This kind of exposure presents a great opportunity for marketeers to profile their audience and market their products. In the case of political campaigning the market is very different because it is the people themselves who are the target audience, whose support is sought after through votes to keep politicians in power. So, the Call-To-Action of every political campaign is to earn the people’s trust, which in turn determines the campaign’s success.

Awareness Through Social Media Marketing

Social Media also serves as an excellent tool to create awareness for political parties. For example, any person who is running for the elections can invest a little money into a social media campaign where he could publish bites on current issues which people face and how he intends to tackle them, which would probably end with the tagline he is using to run his campaign. Additionally, social media allows political parties to boldly connect with the people and tell them where the current administration has failed and the kind of change, they intend to bring about if they get elected to power.

Role Of Social Media Agencies In Election Campaign

Just like it is with marketing, the role of a social media agency that is working on an Election Campaign is to understand the nuances of the political environment and create gripping communication which spreads like wildfire. This role further extends into making the communication that is done via print, digital and social media be relatable, as coming from the same family in terms of tonality and creative approach.

What’s special about social media is that the content is not filtered or watered down. The people hear it straight from the horse’s mouth and there’s no pointing fingers or denying who said what then. This in itself shows that social media is a useful tool in influencing the political landscape of a country by keeping its people connected and informed. So, no matter what may go down on social media, it appears to promise us better governance and a brighter future.