Eggfirst Coverage In Times Ascent Today

16th November 2023

India Inc experts today are realising the impact a good “physical” work environment can have on employee productivity.


If it wasn’t already enough, the average Indian works for about 68 hours a week, and there always is the pressure to meet deadlines. Hence, it is extremely important that working professionals de-stress effectively in order to perform better. Ravikant Banka, chairman and MD, Eggfirst BNN explains, “In a city like Mumbai, where people are constantly on the move, there is a dire need for them to be in touch with their inner selves. As, in a competitive world like today’s, it is extremely crucial to deliver.” Executives strive hard to maintain stress levels to the bare minimum. But what better way to relax than to do so at work? “The reason we dedicate an entire floor to a recreational area is that, being an advertising agency, we realise the value for productivity. We hope to give our employees a place where they can relax and de-stress. A direct result of a positive environment is a better score chart,” adds Banka. Helping your employees relax while at work is a strategy, which cannot possibly have any negative ramifications. Even though it is a notion that people work better under pressure, it is a known fact that they are more efficient when relaxed.