Presenting The New And Improved, Vitamin Enriched – Eggfirst BBN India.

16th November 2023

Excitement culminated in a wonderful launch party for Eggfirst BBN India. Held at Eggfirst Villa, the party saw the agency’s close friends and associates, also referred to as clients, turning out to support their trusted partner.

Eggfirst formally announced its new avatar, Eggfirst BBN India. In addition, the highlight of the evening was the launch of Eggfirst BBN India’s very own book, Exposed – 51 Client-Agency love stories. The book is a humorous take on the typical situations that define the client-agency relationship. A specially designed cake, encouraging everyone to cut out clichés, crowned the launch announcement.

While Eggfirst BBN India’s launch was definitely the talking point of the evening, Eggfirst Villa, Eggfirst BBN India’s new office, also left an impression on everyone. Inspired by nature, Eggfirst Villa is an ideal nest for an ad agency where creativity needs an encouraging environment.

All in all, warmth and joy was the flavor of the evening as Eggfirst BBN India, joined by its gang of well-wishers, looks forward to an exciting journey ahead.