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Search Engine Optimization

The Search Engine Optimization agency that ensures you feature first and stay there.

When was the last time you visited Page 2 of Google? You don’t remember, do you?

Neither will your prospective customers. This is why at Eggfirst, we build comprehensive Search Engine Optimisation techniques to ensure you don’t slide to Page 2.

Site Audit

Just like your physical office, your virtual office needs to be audited. Right from the page codes to the meta tags and the content.

Extensive Research

The key to a successful Search Engine Optimisation lies in ‘keywords’ and we identify the right ones that direct more visitors towards your brand and improves engagement.

Conversion Rate

We don’t just focus on traffic; we ensure to keep your cost per conversion low by constantly analysing and tweaking up your campaigns.

Search Engine Optimisation is very much like winemaking. The more time you spend on it the better the quality, and like the grapes in the wine premium content boosts you to the top of Google rankings. Reaping rewards from SEO begins by integrating multiple digital processes. This is where we step in.

We begin by revamping your website content which is more informative and contains the relevant keywords. Then again, it is not just about keywords. We ensure your web pages have the best titles as well. Since Google keeps updating their search algorithm frequently, we do the same to your content, keywords, meta tags, and page codes. Our focus isn’t just on quality, but also in making it more responsive and fast across screen sizes.

Credibility…. is built when trusted sites link to your website. Linking is like ageing wine, it is a long process that involves careful relationship building as well. In today’s age, your website is your virtual office, and it needs to be optimised frequently to maximum benefits. The faster, the better, and the good-looking ones get more business when they stay on Page 1.

Get out of Page 2, Today!